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Check Out Our Valentine's Day Specials


This Valentine's Day, enjoy some luxurious pampering with your loved one! This deluxe-side-side pedicure begins with a delicious chocolate scrub to reveal smooth skin on the legs and feet. A hydrating moisturizer is then applied to lock in hydration and protect the skin. To make this service even more inviting, you will enjoy two mugs of decadent hot chocolate to warm your soul from the inside out.

60 Minutes/ $75 Per Person


For many years mint has been known as a potent antioxidant that can relieve anxiety and promote calming of the mind and body. This exclusive side-by-side dual massage incorporates our vegan Soy Delicious candle in the scent of "Mint To Be.” This aromatic candle will fill the room with the awakening scent of mint, and the melted wax will be used as a luxuriously warm body oil for a medium-pressure massage that will truly create a one-of-a-kind experience perfect for Valentine's Day! Two complimentary glasses of champagne are included with this deluxe experience.

60 Minutes/ $185 Per Person


Spend the whole day lost in pure bliss together. This package includes our chocolate-infused body scrub that will leave your skin feeling decadent and smooth. Next, enjoy a 60-minute side-by-side couples massage that will relieve all muscle tension and bring you and your loved one to a state of pure tranquility. To top off this special day of relaxation, you will each receive our 60-minute Diamond White Facial to glow together. This package includes two complimentary glasses of champagne to create a truly luxurious experience you'll never forget!

2 Hours/ $535 Per Person

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