A Well Rounded Bride

For those in the wedding party! A complete experience featuring some of the best we offer at Body Sense Day Spa. Enjoy a Dazzledry Manicure and Footlogix maintenance pedicure. After treating your hands and feet, a massage practitioner will release pre-wedding stressors and soothe tight muscles. A fabulous way to prep for the big day!

2 hours | $150.00


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Tips & Tricks

Offered to those in the wedding party. Start with one of our skilled nail specialists to give your finger tips a little TLC, then sit down with one of our skin practitioners for some tricks in wedding make-up application catered to your skin type.

60 minutes | $75.00


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No Boys Allowed

Bring the Bachelorette party to the spa! Rally up 8 of your closest girlfriends and bring your slippers for an evening of fun and pampering! All girls will enjoy a Dazzledry manicure and a 30 minute Partial massage.

60 minutes | $90.00 per person


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It's A Guy Thing

There is no reason the men shouldn't look good for their big day! Let them relax with a one hour Swedish Massage and a gentleman's manicure to prepare their hands for those special close up shots. Need not to worry boys, we will buff your hands in place of polish.

90 minutes | $130.00


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